Pokémon Club Juniors

September 7, 2019
3:00-4:45 PM
Pacific Autism Family Network (3688 Cessna Dr., Richmond)  

Join us at PAFN on September 7th for Pokémon Club. Kids can bring their Pokémon cards, games, Nintendo DS, stuffies, toys, clothing, costumes, or anything else Pokémon related. Kids that are new to Pokémon are always welcome.


When: First Saturday of every month 3:00-4:45PM

For more information about Pokémon Club, or to register for this upcoming event please email Tila:


Activities this month will include:

1. Art - my goal is to have each member create some Pokemon art on high quality card stock. I will be scanning this art work and will create a collage of the pictures. I am going to use the funding from Autism BC to create custom Christmas Postcards that we will write/address/stamp for friends and family at our December meeting. I will also use the art to create thank you cards for our sponsors etc. This is an exciting project :)

2. Our lego pokemon will be out for kids to play with as well as the Pokemon card Trading post. I will try to restock the supply with some fresh cards. Please remind your children to trade appropriately and fairly with each other and supervise trades if you have concerns.

Mostly this meeting will be a chance for the kids to connect with each other again after the summer. Not too many activities planned. As usual we will play Pokemon on the TV and the games room will be available. Our board games will be available and the kids can connect over their own Pokemon cards, etc.


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See you there! 



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