To The Aquarium!

Unfortunately this event is now fully booked. More dates coming soon. 

Join us on a self guided tour of the Vancouver Aquarium where we will learn about all sorts of amazing species.
From jelly fish to sea otters to sharks, the Vancouver Aquarium is an adventure not to be missed!

When: October 14
Where: the Vancouver Aquarium
Time: 10:30am - 12:30pm

When you arrive at the aquarium, you will register with a member of AutismBC before heading inside and exploring the life aquatic.

Please note that children MUST be accompanied by a parent, guardian or BI worker.

Admission: By Donation

Register Here

If you have trouble registering online, please call us at 604-434-0880

What is AutismBC Goes?

Participating in every day activities can be quite challenging for many families affected by autism. Too often, individuals and parents limit their participation in social activities, or choose not to participate at all due to the lack of a support needed for an enjoyable experience. Some of the challenges faced by parents and individuals affected by ASD may be as simple as bright lights, loud sounds, or a room being too crowded. And because treatment for autism can be expensive, it also leaves parents with little disposable income to participate in fun recreational activities for the whole family.

AutismBC Goes was created to make outings and social activities a great experience for the whole family. AutismBC has partnered with local businesses throughout the province to provide a safe and fun environment where families and individuals are free to be themselves and enjoy a day out without feeling overwhelmed all at a discounted rate.

As for adults living with autism, AutismBC will be providing a separate AutismBC Goes for adults who wouldn’t normally have the chance to participate in activities or attend events in their communities.

We look forward to bringing you such events as Bowling, Science World, the Art Gallery, the Theatre and so much more!


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