Join The Vancouver Asperger Autism Union Âû at their end of month meeting, held in the Van City room in the Pacific Autism Family Centre, Richmond.  Each month they gather in the library for a speaker program and open discussions.  The Speaker Program began in April, so if you would like to volunteer to give a talk please attend and speak with Alex.  

The meeting will begin at 2pm, and you can take the SkyTrain to Bridgeport, then the C92 bus to the Pacific Autism Family Centre.

There will be opportunity for Q&A and Open Discussion after the presentation.  

Registration is not required, everyone is welcome. 

What is The Vancouver Asperger Autism Union Âû   

You will find others just like yourself but different, here we call ourselves ASPIES. The meetings are casual and easygoing, you can leave whenever it is right for you, and you can bring a friend or caregiver with you. You are free to bring any devices or sensory toys that are helpful to you We meet for coffee in a public place once a month at this time usually have from 4 to 6 people, always friendly conversation. The group is hosted by Alexandria.  Mid month we meet for social and board gaming.  Conversations as well as board games are friendly and casual and hosted by Bruce and Allie.

There is no need for any kind of formal recognition that you have Aspergers it is not required to become a member. If you have just found out you have Aspergers man or a women, this is the place to come for support, and meet other like yourself.

This group has been helping members for over 5 years now and will continue to do so with the donations received from members themselves

Listen to a recorded podcast that will give you a great idea of what this group is about
You can also learn more on their Facebook page (please note this is a 'Request to Join' page)

You can also follow the group on Meet Up:   



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